"I was right with God and so I had nothing to fear"

Two years ago, sitting in the consultant’s room in a hospital, I heard the words,         

‘I’m sorry to say…’ The biopsy of the pinhead sized lumps under the skin of my breast had revealed them to be cancerous but, provided the cancer had not spread to other parts of my body, it was operable. It wasn’t the fact I had cancer that sent me into shock but the fact that I needed a mastectomy.

Three weeks later after a series of scans and tests, I found myself in the ward waiting to go down into the operating theatre. The day had not started well as they did not have a bed for me. I was put in a room used for storage, told to undress and then left there for two hours on my own, just perched on the edge of an examination couch. It wasn’t really a very reassuring situation, waiting for what to me was a major operation. I actually went into the operation without a bed to come back to and yet I went into the theatre with great peace. How was this possible?

Well, 70 years earlier as a young girl of 10, I attended the Sunday school of Amyand Park Chapel and heard of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I learnt that He had died on the cross in my place. He took the punishment that was rightly mine. Though only a young girl, I had not lived a life pleasing to God. God didn’t have any place in my life. Yet I heard that God so loved me that He sent His beloved Son to die on the cross and that I could be forgiven.

My response was to think that if God loved me that much, the only thing I could do was to love Him in return, come to Him in repentance and ask him to come into my life and help me to live for Him. This I did when I was 11 years old. I am now 84 and for all these years Jesus has been my Saviour, my Lord, my friend and much more. He has seen me through good and bad times and never once has He failed me. Though I have failed Him hundreds of times, even thousands, I knew as I was wheeled away on the stretcher that He would not fail me now. I was in greater hands than the surgeons.

If I came through the operation I would praise Him for allowing me more years to live for Him. If not, I knew I would wake up in the immediate presence of my Saviour as my sins had been dealt with at the cross. I was right with God and so I had nothing to fear.

I praise God that in His goodness He brought me through and I am here to write this to testify to His goodness. The last two years have been very difficult as I have battled with the after-effects of cancer but I have known God’s presence with me all the way and I know He will be with me no matter what the future brings. I am, due to God’s grace, looking forward to enjoying another Christmas time as I praise and thank Him, remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the reason He came.

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And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Acts 4:12